Public File Uploading

As part of our initiative to make your event easier and more interactive, we have developed a custom File Uploading Service. We provide our clients with one or several shared accounts for your attendees, presenters, speakers, production crew, and many others. This service is a great alternative to services like Dropbox or GDrive, because there are no third-party account requirements. We do all that through our custom software!

Just pass out the account information along with the login and anyone (or specific groups of people) can have access.


  • Use the system to get video files from your presenters or attendees.
  • Request presentations from your presenters and keep them all in one place with a presenter-only login – no more confusing dropbox shared folders!
  • Ask your attendees at your event to share pictures and videos from their phones with an attendee-only login.  Pass out the login and let your attendees submit their personal photo or video experiences to your production team in real time.

Contact us for a demonstration.